This winter's coolest musical experience awaits you. Enter the world's only ice concert hall and listen to music played on ice instruments. The concert hall resembles a gigantic igloo. While the orchestra performs, you'll witness a light-show that vibrates in all the colours of the rainbow.

The creator of Ice Music is American artist Tim Linhart. Originally from New Mexico, he now lives in Luleå, together with his wife Birgitta and son Frost. Tim has worked with advanced ice-sculpting for more than 30 years. Over the years, Tim has become increasingly interested in creating instruments made of ice that can actually be used to play music. His first attempt was a bass that lasted for about 15 seconds. Tim's most challenging project was an ice organ with 56 pipes for Icehotel. His creative ingenuity and years of working with complicated projects sparked the idea to build a complete ice concert hall. In January 2014  was the premiere of Ice Music at Gültzauudden and news of the world unique concert hall in ice has spread throughout the world.

The concert hall maintains a constant temperature of minus five degrees Celsius, so you have to dress warmly to enjoy the show. We recommend three layers of clothing.

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Ice Music