Roaring crowds, chants, increased heart rate and wildly waving flags.  Hockey equals culture in Luleå.

When Luleå Hockey goes out on the ice that is the prevailing mood. For over 30 years, the team has played in the Swedish Hockey League and the support from Luleå residents is enormous. The fans are highly dedicated and stand up for the team through thick and thin.

1996 Luleå Hockey won their first national championship – SM Gold. So far it’s the only gold medal, but the team has been close to the Swedish championship several times.

Luleå hockey have also won the European tournament twice, first time in European Trophy 2012 and the second time in CHL - Champions Hockey League 2014-15.

The team’s own rumbling cheerleader squad, Luleåfans, was founded in 1994. Their motto reads “For Luleå – For Norrbotten”. No matter if it’s a home or away game there are plenty of supporters in place. Travelling around the country they follow the team in buses to cheer on the players and excite the rest of the crowd. Whatever the result of the game the positive spirit is maintained.

A passionate hockey town is something to be proud of.