Gunilla Burman was working as a salesperson and, during a training course, she was asked, "What do you want more of in your life?". The answer was simple – colour and form.

An idea was born

About 10 km from central Luleå is the world heritage site Gammelstad. The church and church cottages tell the story of old Luleå. It is a popular attraction among tourists from all over the world. 200 metres from Gammelstad Church, in the old fire station, is Shopinlapland. Owner Gunilla Burman started the art and design shop because she wanted more colour and form in her life. But there was another reason. Gunilla has always been interested in art. When visiting a friend, she learned of an artist in Sikfors. Curious to learn more about the artist's work, Gunilla and her husband went to Sikfors. Getting there was easier said than done, but they eventually found the road leading to the studio. The art was fantastic, but all that Gunilla could think of was how people would ever be able see it, since she, who had lived in Norrbotten all her life, had so much trouble finding the place. As she began to look around, she realized that many Norrbotten artists needed help to gain exposure for their work. That's when the idea for Shopinlapland was born.

Specially designed products

Today, six years later, Shopinlapland is a place where artists from Norrbotten can reach the public with their work. Everything in the shop is chosen carefully by Gunilla and she also creates specially designed products that are only available in the shop and via her online shop. The next goal is for Shopinlapland to go international. This has already started to happen. There is a retailer in Paris and a museum in Tokyo exhibits handbags from Shopinlapland.

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