Over the last twenty years several hundred film productions have been shot in Luleå and Norrbotten, including more than 50 feature films and television series.

There is a first-class recording studio and Filmpool Nord, which is one of Sweden’s four regional production centers for film and television productions.

“Let the Right One In”, “The Hypnotist”, “As It Is in Heaven”, “Grabben i graven bredvid’, “A One-way to Antibes’, “Hunters”, “Hunters 2”and “Hundtricket”. All successful Swedish feature films, entirely or partially filmed in Luleå.

Norrbotten is an interesting area for the film industry. The location features the resources, expertise, modern studio facilities and unique environments. Through the years a number of prominent actors and directors have worked in Luleå. The general consensus is that they are very satisfied with the city, the surroundings and the film crews in the area.

“We create opportunities for film production by co-producing and financing films,” says Susann Jonsson, CEO for Filmpool Nord.

“Studio Kronan” is an important resource. Since filming is often controlled by the weather it is important to be on your toes and able to act quickly. The proximity to the studio and a functioning infrastructure makes filming efficient and economical. There is also a unique hospitality that makes the film teams feel welcome. Luleå residents are happy to help and seem to think it is fun to see film sets around the corner.

Producer Francy Suntinger, who has recently completed filming the feature film “Nobody Owns Me”, agrees: “The people here are open and generous. People are happy to lend their houses for film productions, which makes the work a lot easier. I have been involved with three feature films in Luleå, and I really love the city. It is close to everything and there is a lot to see and do, both as a film producer and as a visitor.”