Cycling in all forms is very popular amongst both visitors to and residents of Luleå. The fact is that Luleå is one of the 10 most cycle friendly places in all of Sweden.

When it comes to traditional cycling in an urban environment, there is a well-developed network of cycle paths that will take you around the city and to most places that you might like to visit.
If you do not have your own bicycle we recommend that you rent one from Cykelstället, cycling specialists who know what they’re doing. Here, you can find all types of bicycles.
If you would like some inspiration on where to go, it might be a good idea to visit the Luleå Tourist Centre and ask for the cycling map “Konst på Hoj” (“Art by Bike”), showing safe cycle paths to various landmarks in and around Luleå.


Luleå is also known as something of a paradise for Fatbike enthusiasts. The Fatbike is an all-terrain bike with extremely wide tyres, meaning that it will take you through difficult terrain without a hitch. A mire or a large shingle field for example, presents no issue for a Fatbike. Interest in these odd bicycles has grown to such an extent that there are now two companies specialising in Fatbike hire. You can choose between Ouroboros and Fatbike Adventures. Both companies also offer guides and guided cycling tours of the archipelago.

Mountain bike

For those of you who like mountain bikes, Luleå has an amazing, newly built track for all terrain cycles on the Ormberget mountain. Park down in the car park, situated on the left at the beginning of the road leading up to Ormberget and cycle along the gravel road. Eventually, you will see information signs for the mountain bike track. There are different levels of difficulty, making this track suitable for both experienced cyclists and beginners alike.