Luleås temperatures, climate and seasons.

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Luleå has a subarctic climate. Our location, near both the Arctic Circle and the Gulf of Bothnia, means that Luleå has a lower temperature than many other places in Sweden. In December, January and February, when winter has a firm hold on the city, the normal temperature is -10 degrees and snow and ice covers both land and sea. In March, things begin to turn around, the warmth of the sun returns, slowly transforming winter into spring. Here, the journey towards summer begins and already in April, temperatures are above zero.
In May, the locals put away their winter clothing and in June summer finally arrives. The summer warmth, generally somewhere between 13-16 degrees, lasts throughout July and August.
Autumn arrives in late September. During September and October, temperatures slowly sink towards freezing and in November, averages are once again below zero. Autumn is fantastic in Luleå, as the cold nights cover the ground in frost and crisp layers of ice form on the pools of water left behind by the autumn rain. By this time, the locals are once again yearning for winter, snow and ice. Every season has its charm. For those of us who live up here, the combination of true winter and a pleasant summer, with more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Sweden, makes Luleå the special place that it is.

Average temperatures in Luleå:

January : -10

February: -9

March: -5

April: 0

May: +7

June: +13

July: +16

August: +14

September: +8

October: +3

November: -4

December: -8