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Fritidsbanken lends sports equipment over the day for anyone to use. The equipment has been giften by the locals of Luleå and will be used to its full extent, which is good for the environment and great for you! It can be anything from skates and hockey sticks to tennis rackets and football shoes. 

During winter Fritidsbanken can be found at the following places but opening times can vary, therefor we recommend you call ahead of time.

Bergnäset AIK:s kansli
Blockvägen 7, Luleå
+46 920-178 50

Hertsö LSK:s kansli
Backmyrvägen 51, Luleå
+46 920-618 50

Råneå Fritidsgård
Klapphällsstigen 170 B, Råneå
+46 924-575 87

Södra hamnplan
Red cabin at the square that is open on weekend during Mars-April (but this can vary).

During summer Fritidsbanken can be found at Södra hamnplan, Aronsbadet and Rånepoolen.

4 Skärgårdsaktiviteter Fritidsbanken Foto Helena Holm


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