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Luleå Guided Tours

Luleå Guided Tours is a local company based in Luleå in Swedish Lapland. It works in partnership with TravelCo in Swedish Lapland to present the fantastic activities and experiences that are available here in Luleå.

Northern Lights are amazing and Luleå in Swedish Lapland is without doubt one of the best places in the world to visit and see the aurora. Luleå is also the home of many other amazing bucket list winter adventures such as dogsledding, snowmobiling and even a ride in a hovercraft. It is also a very diverse region giving visitors who travel to Luleå a wide range of very genuine and unique experiences that are part of our arctic lifestyle. To the west of Luleå in Swedish Lapland are the high mountain ranges. Here mighty rivers are created and flow down through vast forests to the Swedish Lapland coast. The Luleå river is one of these and as it flows past Luleå and into the Baltic sea it provides us with a winter playground without equal. The coastal region around Luleå includes an archipelago of around 1350 islands where the ocean freezes up to a meter thick in winter. In the small villages around Luleå a wide range of fantastic accommodation and activities are also available. Across these diverse environments you will find adventure, culture and people keen to share their arctic way of life.

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