In Sweden we have a saying that goes "kärt barn har många namn". From what we can tell there is no English equivalent but the translation is "beloved children have many names". The expression comes to mind when thinking of open-air cafés, beer gardens and restaurants with outdoor seating, which Luleå has lots of but only one name for: uteserveringar.

Luleå has the last couple of years established itself as a culinary oasis. We have several White Guide listed restaurants, fancy cafés, delis and fast food places serving food from all over the world. Enjoy your lunch, dinner, drink or late night snack at one of the many outdoor seatings in the city whilst never having to worry about it getting dark. It won't. The midnight light makes the days eternal and the nights magical.

Do you feel like enjoying an evening at a lush and cosy backyard in the middle of the city? Is an astonishing view over rooftops more your thing? Perhaps dining with sea view, just a few feet from the actual ocean sounds good? Or just simply dining on the ocean. No worries, Luleå has it all.