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Kalaskulan Hotel

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EU - European Region Development Fund

Eat well, sleep well at Kalaskulan hotel outside Luleå city center!

Bright and nice rooms, wifi, sauna and relax as well as sanitary areas in the corridor close to the rooms.

The restaurant serves well-cooked food in large portions with fresh ingredients. From the beginning, the restaurant was essentially a lunch restaurant, but over the years their concept has been expanded and is today most famous for their exceptionally fine catering.

In addition, guests are offered kitchens where you can store, prepare or warm your own meals. Large "family room" with TV, conference room for smaller parties and large free parking.

The hotel is 2 km from Kallax Airport (Luleå Airport) and is a smaller hotel.

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  • Nordkalottstaden 2B
  • 97254 Luleå
  • Sverige

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For bookings visit our website, call us or use the link below.

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