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Meldersteins Mansion

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EU - European Region Development Fund

Melderstein Herrgård is beautifully located in an old-fashion environment by road 760, 12 km from Råneå and 50 km from Luleå, Boden and Kalix.

Meldersteins Herrgård offers accommodation in 14 fresh rooms, restaurant, conference rooms, sauna and private chapel. When you book a conference at Melderstein Herrgård you will have a conference in a cultural, stylish environment with exclusive rights to the entire facility!

For groups and companies all year round.
For individual guests during the summer months.
The restaurant is open for summer.

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Welcome to contact Meldersteins Herrgård for more information!


  • Melderstein 127
  • 95591 Luleå
  • Sverige

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For bookings visit our website, call us or use the link below.

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