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EFS Sundet Café

EU - European Region Development Fund

A peacfull place next to the river, an oasis close to the city.

The house and it's surroundings is beautifully located right next to Luleälven (The Luleå river), a few kilometers from the city center. There are several nice biking roads leading from Luleå to Sundet, the distance is around 5 kilometers.

It is a place with beautifull walking tracks, amazing view of the river, a meeting place for peacefull studies. Sundet also contains activities like beach volleyball, fishing, football, "kubb", and a meditation track.

EFS-Sundet hosts courses, conferences, camping, food service and more

The summer café and the camping is open from June to August. The café serves ice cream, homemade pastries, waffles, toasts, and cold aswell as warm drinks.

  • Gäddvikssundet 59
  • 97594 Luleå
  • Sverige

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