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Food The Luleå Way

No taste to waste

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No taste to waste

To eat out or to eat out, that is the question...

To eat out has two different meanings in Luleå. Treat yourself and visit one of the local gourmet restaurants, where skilled chefs cook local ingre­dients, offering you a taste palette from Swedish Lapland. You simply have to eat the delicious, nutritious game, reindeer and elk that have lived in the wild, enjoy game fish that have swum in pure, clear waters and let yourself be seduced by blueberries, cloudberries, arctic raspberries and lingonberries that have ripened in the midnight sun.

To eat out also has a different, more literal meaning here in Luleå – when the food is served outside. Nothing tastes quite as good as a meal cooked over an open fire, especially when it rounds off a day of great outdoor activities. A muurikka, a large griddle pan, is often used to cook suovas (smoked reindeer meat) or palt (Swedish potato dumplings). And be sure to drink pot boiled coffee. The pot boiled coffee is something of a specialty and a signature beverage in the re­gion. It is served hot in a wooden cup, strong and black ­ it will warm you and sharpen your senses.

If you’d rather enjoy a latte in a café setting, sit back and feel the city pulse, you have come to the right place. There are number of nice cafés and patisseries to choose from. One thing is for sure: good food and good company are two important parts of the Luleå experience. Welcome to the table!

Luleå's white guide options

Luleå has a wide, exciting and steadily expanding range of restaurants and cafés. Here you will find everything from local Swedish Lapland deli­cacies to international food from all over the world ­often based on local ingredients from the nearby wilderness and farms. Luleå offers all of six white guide restaurants to choose from.


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