Luleå + Schaatsen

Welcome to Luleå! Here, you have the opportunity to both watch and participate in ice skating competitions, in a unique environment with natural ice, close to the city centre.

The ice track in Luleå – an arena for international competitions

Once again we welcome Dutch skaters to us in Luleå. Six years ago, the Dutch Skating Association organised their first Grand Prix on the ice track around Luleå's city centre. Over time, the event has grown and this year there will be even more events and races during Schaatsen Luleå. 

For example Luleå Sea Ice Marathon – the world's only running marathon on sea ice. Are you ready for a challenge this winter? Join Schaatsen Luleå – as a skater, runner or a spectator – in Luleå, 23–28 February, 2023.

Get inspired by Bram and Pontus!

Ice Track Daylight

Welcome to Luleå!

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Welcome to Luleå!