Hittaut Luleå 2023

Hittaut is a public health project where you look for checkpoints with a digital or paper map.

Hittaut is available in almost 100 locations around Sweden. It's a simple and fun way to get exercise while discovering new and beautiful places around your municipality. The detailed map with a large number of checkpoints is distributed free of charge to households within the map area. The map can also be downloaded from several places in town, as well as in our app.

Last year, Luleå came out with an exuberant energy! Over 4200 registered participants in Luleå moved together a distance corresponding to 9 laps around the world with hittaut!
This year we will encounter several new areas, new nuggets in previous areas and we will also challenge our youngest participants with a clever treasure hunt!

Hittaut suits everyone regardless of age and map knowledge. Download the "hittaut" app or pick up a map at Luleå tourist center or Gammelstad Visitor Center. Here we go!


Thursday 1 Jun - Sunday 8 Oct
Hittaut Kvadrat


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