Tour with Hot Air Balloon

An adventure high in the blue, now in Luleå for the first time!

During the period February 18–26, 12–15 international hot air balloon teams will come to Luleå from the following countries; Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, England, Netherlands, Lithuania and Sweden. The teams consisting of experienced, professional and licensed balloonists participate in the Arctic Balloon Adventure event which is part of the program for Luleå On Ice.

Go along with an hot air balloon

During the flights, the hot air balloon teams offer passengers to accompany them, each hot air balloon can take 3–5 people depending on the size of the basket. Estimated time for a flight is 4–5 hours depending on the weather/wind. Time includes transfer to the starting point, fill the balloon, fly, land, pack up the balloon, transfer to waiting car nearby (passable road for car).

Read more about how an air adventure goes – information and practical tips.

Buy tickets

Tickets are sold online via Tickster.
Note! ticket sales close at 16.00 the day before the flight.

Night show

On February 19 and 25, the teams offer a night show with light & sound in Norra Hamn. Free entrance.

Go along by airship

During the period 18–26 February, there is also the possibility to go along on a trip by airship.
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Saturday 18 Feb - Sunday 26 Feb


Luleå on ice