We love Hits of the 60's

Clabbe af Geijerstam, Lennart Grahn and Brian Marston are doing something together, a unique collaboration where they play the old hit songs from the time when they were in the most popular pop bands in the 60s!

History Hits of the 60's
Hits of the 60's was formed in 2018 when the idea was to bring together the leading figures from the biggest Swedish pop groups for a tour. 3 successful tours later they continue because they see a need in an older audience to experience the 60s for a while! Svenne Hedlund from Hep Stars was with from the start but sadly passed away in December 2022. Janne Önnerud from Hounds was also with from the start but quit in 2020 due to health reasons. The members today are just as hungry as then to do the old hit songs justice, both their own hits but also other people's big hits from the time, Hits of the 60's!

The musicians
Joffe Enbom
Totte Päivärinta
Bennet Fagerlund
Mike Areklew

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Thursday 14 Mar 19:00 - 21:30
We love Hits of the 60's
We love Hits of the 60's


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Skeppsbrogatan 17
972 31 Luleå



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