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The tourist industry is a growth industry in Luleå and Sweden

The tourist industry that includes accommodation, restaurants, shopping and activities is a growing industry that keep increasing every year. 2015 was a record breaking year for Luleå where the number of registered nights increased by 15%. There are however great potential to develop the city further as a tourist attraction.

The mission of Visit Luleå is to increase the visitors to Luleå which creates growth for the city's businesses. Thats why we work to develop and widen the offerings of Luleå and to make Luleå a more attractive destination, both for business travelers and tourists.

Commerce is an engine in the tourist industry and that's why we cooperate with the municipality and other participants with urban development to make Luleå a living breathing shopping city.

In Visit Luleå financial resources from the member businesses are coordinated to gear up many times over with an annual municipality cofinancing.

Together we make a difference.

EU - European Region Development Fund