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Drive to Luleå

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Take your own vehicle to Luleå

The E4 motorway, starts down south in Helsingborg, Skåne, and passes just outside Luleå. The E4 stretches from Haparanda on the Finnish border, down along the coast right to Stockholm, continuing inland through southern Sweden, to Helsingborg. If you are travelling north by car with Luleå as your destination, this is the best and easiest route to take. Just follow the signs for Luleå and you will have no problem finding your way here. If you are coming from the north or from somewhere around Gällivare/Kiruna, we recommend that you take the E10 south until you reach Töre, just south of Kalix, where the road connects to the E4. Then keep going south on the E4 and follow the signs for Luleå. Routes 94 and 97, two national roads connecting the inland with the coast, also terminate in Luleå. Route 97, passing through Boden, Harads (Treehotel) and Jokkmokk, leads to central Luleå.

Route 94, which will take you to Älvsbyn (Storforsen), Arvidsjaur and Arjeplog begins in Antnäs, 20 kilometres south of Luleå. To go there, take the E4 and follow signs for Älvsbyn.