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Facts about Luleå

  • Just over 77 000 inhabitants
  • Founded in 1621 at the site of the medieval church in Gammelstad
  • Moved in 1649 10km out towards the sea at its current place
  • Land area: 2 110 square kilometers
  • 1 312 islands
  • The worlds only brackish water archipelago
  • In 2016 Gammelstads church town celebrated 20 years as a UNESCO world heritage
  • The Luleå region, including the neighboring municipalities, have around 170 000 inhabitants
  • Norrbotten county – a fourth of Sweden
  • Norrbotten Theatre is the first region theatre of the country, with Luleå theater acedemy next door
  • Norrbotten railway museum in Karlsvik is one of Sweden's largest railway museums with unique collections
  • The Port of Luleå is one of Sweden's largest ports with a goods turnover of 9 million metric tonne per year
  • An industry town with Sweden's largest blast furnace (SSAB)
  • Metallurgical center with a large steel industry and advanced research
  • Scandinavias most northern technical university – Luleå University of Technology with around 16,000 students in four locations
  • The business park Luleå Science park has around 100 businesses connected to the university
  • Luleå Airport - Swedens fifth largest airport
  • Norrbotten Air Force Wing, F21, is the largest air force wing in Sweden
  • Communications center of the Barents Region
  • Four sports elite teams: Luleå Hockey, Luleå Hockey/MSSK, BC Luleå and Luleå basket 
  • Luleå Pride festival is northern Sweden's largest Pride festival
  • Luleå is the gateway to Swedish Lapland
  • Sweden's hottest housing market
    (The index is based on the total number of clicks on the objects in a municipality in a day on the housing market website Hemnet, divided with the total number of object in the municipality on the same day)
  • Luleå lokaltrafik (Luleå pubilc transport) has had Sweden's most satisfied travelers for ten year straight within city limits

Press contact

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