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Capture the northern lights

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The expert reveals his secret spots for photographing northern lights 

He's the Pelé of photographing northern lights. Per Lundström, a Luleå local, knows all the secret hot spots in Luleå for catching the northern lights.

Below, he reveals his top 3 spots for photographing northern lights.

  1. Gäddvik
    "Perfect place. Just outside Luleå, a couple of minutes by car, and this little village has everything you need. It's dark and you have a clear horizon to the north. Go to the little cabin by the pike fishing-museum."
  2. Ormberget mountain
    "A classic. This is where most of the Luleå locals go to wait for the majestic lights. The perks are the lack of artificial light in the area and you can have the city centre of Luleå in the pic. There's also a shelter where you can make a fire."
  3. Sinksundet
    "In the same area as Ormberget, just keep going north on the road towards Bensbyn, you'll stumble upon the cozy villages of Sinksundet. Here's a clear horizon, a dark place and a beautiful lake that mirrors the northern lights."
Expert tips for everyone who wants to capture the northern lights
  • Use a tripod, the camera needs to be perfectly still to be able to capture the lights.
  • Use long shutter speed on your camera, it allows enough light to be captured. 15 seconds or more should do it. 
  • Use manual focus as far off as possible.
  • Photographing the northern lights near water creates a very cool mirror effect.

Conditions for northern lights in Luleå

  • It has to be sufficient solar energy to create aurorae in the atmosphere combined with the energy impacting the atmosphere at an angle that is suitable for our location.
  • Clear skies or scattered clouds are required for the northern lights to be visible.
  • Choose an open and suitably dark place. Avoid well-lit places to any extent possible.
  • There is no ‘timetable’. Northern lights may occur at any point during the hours of darkness and vary in duration.
  • Northern lights are visible in Luleå from late August until the first days of April. During the rest of the year, the skies are too bright for the phenomenon to be visible.
  • If possible, a clear view of the horizon facing north is optimal.
 A tip!

For northern lights forecasts, visit:
You can also download the app Aurora Forecast, available for both iPhone and Android.