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Discover Luleå's winter archipelago

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Discover Luleå's winter archipelago

In the Luleå archipelago, where there are 1.312 islands, many kilometres of winter roads are ploughed, as a service to both visitors and residents. Experience the feeling of driving by car between the islands. Talk to the islanders and be amazed by the fact that in just a few months, the nearby inlet will be filled with boats. Listen to the silence and experience the tranquility, rest your eyes where the unobstructed horizon meets the sky and recharge your batteries with energy from the vast, white vistas. Here there is plenty of room to just be, let your mind wander and find its way home. To you.

The icebergs of the outer archipelago

Imagine the vast, frozen archipelago. Nothing but the frozen sea and snow-capped islands for as long as you can see. Except for large ice formations protruding seemingly out of nowhere. It is called pack ice, and is small icebergs built up from the pressure of the open sea meeting the ice of the coastal archipelago, creating a truly arctic environment.

Hover across the ice

When the Gulf of Bothnia is all frozen up, we can use the ice for fun stuff like hoover crafting. We think you should check it out – it’s a pretty cool adventure, if we may say so ourselves.


Take the car out to the archipelago

Driving a car over the ice of the archipelago or on the frozen river sounds unbelievable to many. To Luleå’s locals, however, it’s a natural and important part of winter to be able to drive between the islands off the coast. Driving on the ice is risk-free as long as you stay on the ploughed ice roads. The strength of the ice is carefully controlled through test drilling. Normally, the ice roads open in January or early February, depending on weather and temperature. Clear signage will be in place if the ice roads are temporarily closed and when the season is over. Be aware that limited speed prevails.

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Winter fishing

From Luleås north and south harbours you can see people sitting alone, for hours, out on the ice of the city’s inlets. What are they doing out there? Fishing! The trick is to drill a hole in the frozen water, giving you access to the fish beneath the ice. Pimpla is the Swedish word for ice fishing and as the rays of the early spring sun warm you, sitting on

A reindeer pelt or a kicksled, you will find that it is a very peaceful pastime.