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Northern lights in Luleå

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The northern lights, Aurora Borealis, shrouded in magic and mystery, are the visible reaction of particles from the sun colliding with parts of the outer atmosphere, following the whims of the solar winds. The sparkling light experience in green, blue and sometimes even red, then sweeps over the dark night sky.

Conditions for northern lights in Luleå

  • It has to be sufficient solar energy tocreate aurorae in the atmosphere combined with the  energy impacting the atmosphere at an angle that is suitable for our location.
  • Clear skies or scattered clouds are required for the northern lights to be visible.
  • Choose an open and suitably dark place. Avoid well-lit places to any extent possible
  • There is no ‘timetable’. Northern lights may occur at any point during the hours of darkness and vary in duration.
  • Northern lights are visible in Luleå from late August until the first days of April. During the rest of the year, the skies are too bright for the phenomenon to be visible.

A tip!

For northern lights forecasts, visit:
You can also download the app Aurora Forecast, available for both iPhone and Android.

Good places to spot the northern lights in Luleå on your own

Blue = walking distance from the center.
Yellow = short journey by car, taxi or bus.

Colour of the northern lights

The colour of the northern lights depends on the height and speed at which the solar particles collide with the atmosphere.

Red = above 150 miles
Green = Up to 100 miles
Purple = above 60 miles
Blue = Up to 60 miles

Tips for those who want to photograph northern lights

  • Use tripod. It's a must to have the camera completely set to catch the northern lights.
  • Set long shutter speed on your camera. 15 seconds or longer should give good results.
  • Set manual sharpness next to infinity. Not really max, but virtually.
  • Shooting the northern lights at clear water can provide a powerful effect.