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Only a stone's throw away...

...from the city to the forest.

EU - European Region Development Fund

The nature is always close to our hearts.

Come along into the forest, it’s right around the corner, and we can make our own tracks in the untouched snow. With skis on your feet and snow to carry you, you can travel a bit farther than on bare ground, turning the winter adventure into an expedition. Snowshoes or a snow­ mobile both work just as well. The winter forest is something special, everything is white and fluffy, it feels embedded and it dampens all sound. It feels safe somehow, caring.

For those of you who prefer whizzing past on fast cross­country skis on well prepared tracks, there are miles and miles to explore here in Luleå. Have you tried skiing at night? Gliding along illuminated tracks, embraced by the darkness and with the cool wind on your face, becoming one with the forest, is magical. Look for other signs in the snow and of wildlife in the forest.

You may get to see fresh elk tracks, you may send a snowy white hare running away, meet curious squirrels or a clever fox sneaking around between the tree trunks. Stop for a moment and listen to the birds singing on a glistening early spring day.

The forests surrounding the city have long been winter grazing lands for the reindeer of the Sami communities along the Lule River. Large herds of reindeer feed on the islands in the archipelago and with a bit of luck you can get to meet a lone, wandering reindeer.

Come, ­let’s go out into the forest!

Try dogsledding!

Would you like to experience speed and excitement along with the dampened sound of paws and runners against snow. then try dogsledding and feel yourself almost melting into the winter landscape. if you would like to, you could be your own musher. should you wish, the adventure can start with you being picked up on the ice in central Luleå, just a short walk from your hotel.


Winter activities


Do as the people of Luleå do and go by snowmobile! No matter if you choose the frozen archipelago or a snug forest environment for your tour, the snowmobile is an excellent wintertime mode of transport. You travel light and fast and you get really close to nature. When it’s time to take a break, there’s nothing like a hot beverage, or, on longer tours, lunch cooked over an open fire.


Winter activities

Winter activities in Luleå

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