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Ormberget - Luleås' outdoor recreation center

By Vanessa Cicero
EU - European Region Development Fund

Ormberget - Luleå's outdoor recreation center

Approximately six kilometers from the center of Luleå is Ormberget, Luleå’s largest outdoor recreation area. It is packed with adventure opportunities for both young and old, all year round.

In winter there is cross country skiing, downhill skiing and biathlon. Skiers who crave a challenge will also find elite runs with sharp turns and steep hills. Ormbergsbacken is a technical and family slope with a button lift, great for children and beginners. The vertical drop is about 45 meters and the length of the slope is approximately 270 meters, perfect for both skiing and snowboarding. There is a big-jump for keen jumpers and several rails. Of course, you are free to swoop down to the sledding hill for a much needed breaks at the grill facilities.

When the summer sun shines there is a beautiful walking and jogging trail. A lighted jogging track is offered both in summer and winter. The exercise system contains eight running tracks at varying distances from 1.7 kilometers to 10.0 kilometers. Seven elite tracks are also available to choose from. Among the other activities on offer are outdoor gyms and disc golf. Exercising with an incomparable view of Luleå is something everyone should try.

Those who did not bring their own food need not worry. The area also features Restaurant Ormberget, serving classic fare, à la carte with homemade bread and coffee.

Jogging track

Exercise tracks on Ormberget have a total length of about 25 km. Eight different track lengths are marked:

  • 1,7 km (orange)
  • 2,2 km (red)
  • 3,4 km (blue)
  • 5,2 km (yellow)
  • 7,0 km (pink)
  • 7,4 km (black)
  • 8,3 km (purple)
  • 10,0 km (green)

Elite track

Elite track’s longest distance is 4 km. Seven different track lengths are marked:

  • 1,0 km (purple)
  • 1,5 km (orange)
  • 2,0 km (red)
  • 2,5 km (blue)
  • 3,0 km (yellow)
  • 3,3 km (black)
  • 4,0 km (green


For the convenience of visitors discovering the area, Hertsöstigen has been created. A 17-kilometer-long hiking trail that leads visitors through the entire nature reserve. Several entrances lead onto the trail. The trails are marked with signposts and information boards to help the visitor to discover valuable points of interest. It is a diverse area, where 87% is forest. There are also rocky outcrops,
boulder fields, lakes, beaches and vast marshes, but also landscaped paths, ski trails and ski slopes.

Outdoor gym

For exercise enthusiasts there are plenty of options to choose from. On Ormberget there are three outdoor gyms. A steel gym is positioned at the upper parking lot, a wood gym is down towards the Kronan area and another wood gym can be found along the 5 km track. The outdoor gyms have equipment for training the entire body.

Disc golf

On Ormberget visitors will find Serpent Hill, a disc golf course with 18 basket goals. Serpent Hill is a forest and a park course, designed for those seeking a challenge. Precision and good balance is what counts.

Outdoor life

There are several fire pits to sit down at. Firewood is available. In winter the gravel road that leads to Hagaviken is plowed. It’s a good place to walk or run dog sleds during the day. Something new is the downhill ski slope that is laid between the ski hill and sledding hill. At the upper parking lot, you will find warm shelter with WC, HWC (handicap toilet) and ski shop.

How to find Ormberget

From the center of Luleå, take Bodenvägen and turn right onto Gammelstadsvägen. Continue on to the traffic light at Svartövägen and turn right. Then follow Svartövägen to the traffic light where you head towards Bensbyn and Björkskatan. Follow Bensbyvägen until you see the sign to the right to Ormberget.

Text: Vanessa Cicero
Photo: Susanne Lindholm, Patrik Öhman