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Experience The Luleå Way

EU - European Region Development Fund

Midnight sun and arctic adventure. Kayak towards he horizon and bathe in the river. Cycle in the archipelago, or hike in tranquil virgin forest. Stand in the middle of a medieval heritage.

Spend the night on a rock wall. Rafting or sailing. Spa and dining at sunset on award-winning hotels and restaurants. Night or day, nature or city. 

Close, natural and erratic. Don’t exclude. Don’t think so much. Experience The Luleå Way.

Producer: Jacob Nilsson, Silverview
Text: Viktor Johansson

The Luleå Way

Winter The Luleå Way

Summer The Luleå Way

Autumn The Luleå Way

Weekend The Luleå Way

Northern Lights The Luleå Way

Meeting The Luleå Way

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