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Top 10 locations for the bird-watcher

Pack your bag, bring a thermos with some coffee and your binoculars and head out!

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Get your binoculars!

Luleå offers a rich avifauna for the interested. Here you'll find several excellent locations to bird-watch from, both on the mainland and in the archipelago. Head south to Alvik to see the grand Wooper Swans and the Common Crane, or put your hiking shoes on and visit Gammelstadsviken unrivaled fauna.

Top 10 bird-watching locations

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A couple of hundred years ago, Gammelstadsviken was a bay. Here, cargo boats sailed into Luleå Harbour, then located outside the Gammelstad Church Town. Today, it is a lake, whose only traffic consists of animals – and mainly birds. You will have to travel almost 1,000 kilometres to the south to experience a bird fauna rivalling that of Gammelstadsviken. Examples of returning guests at the lake are whooper swans, Canada geese, ospreys, robin redbreasts and hazel grouse. You can easily find your way here from the car park of the Hägnan Outdoor Museum, where a pleasant trail with footbridges has been prepared for hikers. It is an absolute must for bird-watching enthusiasts and an excellent destination for those who wish to experience the beautiful countryside and go on a light hike.