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Beaches and pools in Luleå

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Beaches and pools in Luleå

The sun shines in Luleå. The city is known as one of the sunniest places in Sweden and Luleå often sits at the top of Sweden’s sunshine league. With all this in mind, it is not very surprising that there are many nice bathing beaches in Luleå. Demand has created supply. If you are looking to enjoy a cooling dip, we have a couple of tips below:


1. Gültzauudden 
2. Svartöstan
3. Tjuvholmssundet
4. Lulviksbadet
5. Kvarnträsk
6. Brändön
7. Niporna
8. Notviken
9. Storsand
10. Klubbvikens Havsbad
11. Rörbäcks havsbad
12. Arcusbadet
13. Aronsbadet
14. Rånepoolen
15. Södra strand

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