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Fäbodaleden - Hiking trail

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Fäbodaleden Hiking Trail 

The starting point of the trail is in Antnäs, next to the Sörbyakyrkan's belfry. There is an information board at the ICA shop close by where it is also possible to download a map of the footpath.

The walk takes you along old trails and roads, passing four wooden pastures and is approximately 10.4 kilometres (6.5 miles) long. There are footbridges past wet areas and the trail is clearly marked out with signs. You walk through both new and ancient woodland.

The wooden pastures carry memories from the second half of the 1500s and the cottages are over 100 years old. Several of them are open to visitors, so go inside and get a glimpse of what life was like back then.

There are five barbecue places along the trail: the first one at the beginning of the trail and then at Skäret's wooden pasture, Orrtjärnvallen, Mittivallen and Kvarnvallen, about 6 kilometres (3.7 miles) away, where the Kvarnbäcken (= the Mill Brook) murmurs and where you can find tables and benches to sit down and have a rest.

The first wooden pasture is called Skäret. It is currently under construction, but it was probably established in the early 1700s. The next wooden pasture along your walk is the Orrtjärnvallen, which today consists of four cottages. Mittivallen is located about 500 metres further away and only one cottage is left there. You can discern the ruins of cottages and barns. Mittivallen is under construction and renovation. Finally, you come to the Kvarnvallen, which was the largest wooden pasture and where there were also three small watermills. Today, there is a mill wheel to keep the memories from that time alive.

An information folder on the FÄBODALEDEN is available at the Tourist Offices in the House of Culture in Luleå city centre and in Gammelstad.

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