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Hermelinen Gym

EU - European Region Development Fund

Hermelinen (and Hermelinen Gym) is located centrally in the center of Luleå, harboring four different activities; training, specialist care, surgery and physiotherapy.

Here you find a wide range of training, physical health and wellbeing. At this Fitness Center you meet a bunch of talented and inspiring group of trainers, nutritionists, personal trainers and physical therapists who will take care of you. They also offer courses in baby swimming.

Hermelinen also have a 24-hour facility at Ålgatan with modern equipment for both cardio and strength training. Opened twentyfour/seven. Manned weekdays 16:30 – 19.30 You need a fingerprintcard to get access. You buy the card on the main facility on Sandviksgatan 60.

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  • Sandviksgatan 60
  • 97233 Luleå
  • Sverige

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