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Kluntarna Island

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The island of Kluntarna has been seasonally inhabited for many centuries and has always been used as a base for fishing and sealhunting. Many stone ruins, labyrinths and other evidence of human activity can be found on the island.
Excellent examples of plant life typical to the archipelago can be seen on this island. Many of the area´s different biotopes can be observed here, on this one spot; for example, coastal alder wood, old-growth coniferous forest and rare species such as Beach euphrasy.
Wading birds, such as the greater ringed plover, the turnstone and Temminck´s stint, are frequently seen on Kluntarna. A few hundred metres into the forest, you can observe grouse and other woodland birds. Black guillemots and cormorants, too, are often seen.
All of Kluntarna has been classified as a nature reserve since 1998, so visitors are kindly asked to observe the outmost respect for nature.

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  • Kluntarna
  • 97455 Luleå
  • Sverige

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