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Explore Luleå's sights

Luleå has many attractions all year round. Here you can read briefly about some of all the things you can experience during your visit. Welcome to discover Luleå - all year round!

In the center of Luleå there are many interesting sights. Take a walk along Gültzauudden and discover the works of art that local artists placed directly in the surrounding nature. At Hermelinsparken is Norrbottens Museum, with various exhibitions from Norrbottnisk folklife history and Sami history.

Sweden's northernmost cathedral, Luleå Cathedral, contributes to Luleå's characteristic cityscape. The church is open for visits all year round and it costs nothing to go in and have a look.

The proximity to water defines the central parts of Luleå. Regardless of the season, it is possible to get around from the north to the south harbor. In winter, an ice rink is plowed on the Lule river with several different paths to choose from. In total, the entire ice rink is nearly 11 kilometers long and it is filled with people walking, skating or borrowing kicks.

The Luleå archipelago consists of a total of 1312 islands, islets and rocky islets. There is a lot to see and experience here. Fantastic sandy beaches, opportunities for various activities and water sports for kids and grown ups, interesting cultural history with well-preserved details and buildings. The Luleå archipelago has a unique plant and animal life. You have the opportunity to see seals, different birds and wild animals as you walk in the rich and varied vegetation.

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