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- the truth about your upbringing

We have all heard calls such as:
- If you eat snow, you get a worm in your stomach!
- If you bathe immediately after eating, you get cramps!
- Do not sit too close to the TV, you will go blind!

Where does my mother's good advice come from? Is it inherited from generations of mothers from the Stone Age or is mother in a secret club where they agree that it is the three-second rule that applies when you drop something edible on the ground? Are they just myths and half-truths or is there an ounce of truth that you have to pump your stomach when you eat snoring crows or that cracking your knuckles leads to problems as you get older? There is only one way to find out; Visit Jan and Mattias' home when they invite you to the show Mamma Ljuger.

The comedian Jan Bylund and the psychologist Mattias Lundberg are back after their audience success Den Lyckliga Pessimisten. Based on these everyday lies, they give you an entertaining experience that makes you remember your own childhood and perhaps even realize that you yourself are spreading these myths to your children.

Come and laugh, and learn the truth about why it does not help with Coca-Cola for stomach ailments, that there is no such thing as plant pain. That free is not always good and that your room has never looked like a pigsty.

Whatever mom says!

But Dad then? How is it that only he knows how to best pack a car and is always the one who grills the meat while mom cooks all the other food? Is it in the genes or is it dad's only way to get some appreciation?

Yes, Dad can join, but this is mainly a tribute to Mom. A show for everyone who has a mother, is a mother, knows a mother or has ever seen a mother.

Mom is without a doubt the best there is, BUT; It is almost only in Emil in Lönneberga that you can get blood poisoning and it is not at all dangerous to hold back a sneeze! Or…?

The comedian, TV profile and author Jan Bylund and the Psychologist, Associate Professor of Psychology and author Mattias Lundberg have worked together for 10 years with the lecture Jäkla Människa and the successful book and comedy show "Den Lyckliga Pessimisten" which has been played around the country over 50 times and seen over 30,000 people.

Duration of the performance about 90 minutes, no break

The show is in Swedish.

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Mamma ljuger!
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Mamma ljuger!
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Mamma ljuger!


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