Summer art tour

  • Konsthallen i Luleå

Tuesday - Friday at 14.00 between 28 June and 13 August.
This tour gives you more knowledge about the art before you go to discover the exhibitions on your own. The summer art tour takes about 15 minutes.


This summer's large exhibition in the Art Gallery is a group exhibition with five different artists. They represent different generations, artistic expressions and identities. What binds them together is an attitude to the society of today and that culture. They go their own way. Three of the five artists have their roots in the African diaspora. They are all cross-border in several different senses.

The exhibition will consist of newly produced works to a large extent specially made for this context. We live in a time where something different is needed, but not always accepted. The exhibition focuses on that and shows works by the artists Eric Magassa, Alex Rosa, Mats Caldeborg, Cecilia Germain and Malu Avelar. Installation, performance, sculpture, painting, textiles and photography.

HURULA - Under a crappy sky and other pictures

Hurula creates with a personall touch. With the same intensity that his music is known for, he creates visual art.

Robert Hurula was born in 1979 and grew up in Luleå, today he lives and works outside Stockholm. He has become known as an artist with an enormously high degree of artistic integrity, and with an unfailing nerve. He puts words and tones into strong emotions and is not afraid to be sincere or personal in all his art.

The visual arts that he´s been working on for a long time have not received the same attention as his music, however, a book came in 2018 - The first circle published by Teg Publishing and he has had a number of exhibitions. This is the first time Hurula shows his visual art in an exhibition in his hometown of Luleå.



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