Kicksled race

Race with kicksled, curling and painting on the Ice track

On February 24, LuleƄ municipality's after school center will be on site at the ice track to show off their self-designed kicksleds that visitors can use to challenge the children in a kicksled race! On site there is also a chance to try curling and painting on the ice.

With so-called smart kicksleds that are equipped with sensors, you can follow how far the kicksled goes and where it is via a QR code. For every kilometer the kicksleds run on the ice track, Lunet donates 1 SEK to charity. This year to Region Norrbotten, Sunderby Hospital's children's ward. A project started by the after school centers and developers and the park section in collaboration with Lunet.


Friday 24 Feb 11:00 - 15:00
Sparkar Qrkod




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