Sara Parkman

Sara Parkman is the folk musician who questioned and embraced traditions so unabashedly and thoughtfully that she created her own musical universe - and with that became the big poster name of contemporary Swedish folk music.

When her latest album "Eros Agape Philia" was released in October, it was met with rave reviews. Nöjesguiden awarded its highest rating and wrote: "It is popular, mysterious, powerful and modern." Gaffa wrote: "A much-needed counterweight to those who believe that folk music belongs in a local museum." And the record has been at the top of DN's album chart for no less than five weeks.

Over the years, Sara Parkman has been awarded several times at the Folk and World Music Festival, awarded Dagens Nyheter's Culture Prize and - as at the Manifest Gala earlier this year - named the year's best live act.

During the fall, Sara Parkman has played for sold-out concert halls, clubs and theaters, and this spring the victory procession continues with several stops in the country.


Saturday 25 Feb 19:30 - 20:30
Sara Parkman
Sara Parkman


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