Tour with an Airship

Join the adventure of a lifetime! During the period February 18–26, you can ride an airship over Luleå. The trip takes about an hour.

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Tickets are sold online via Tickster (search for ”Luftskeppsfärd”).
Note! ticket sales close at 16.00 the day before the flight.

Hot air balloon

During the period February 18–26, there is also the opportunity to go on a hot air balloon ride.
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Airship is a collective name for a group of aircraft that are lighter than air. Airships and hot air balloons are normally distinguished, although the basic physical principles of being lighter than air are the same. In an airship, you don't sit in a basket either, but passengers and cargo spaces are housed in the fuselage itself. Source: WikiPedia.

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Saturday 18 Feb - Sunday 26 Feb


Luleå on ice