World record attempt Hot Air Balloon Highline

Northern Lines in collaboration with Quirin Herterich will try to break the world record in the highline. The world record attempt involves them walking on a 90 meter long rope between two hot air balloons 30–50 meters high above the ice in Norra Hamn in Luleå.

Highline is when a person walks on a tightrope at high altitude between two points. The person has a safety harness and a back-up line.

The world record attempt will take place on Saturday February 25 at 08.00 if the wind permits, otherwise February 26.

Keep an eye on Northern Line's Facebook event for updates on dates and times.

See previous projects: Lapporten highline 2021 – world record 2,100 meters.

Try the slackline

In connection with the event, there is an opportunity to try the slackline for all ages. There, the athletes themselves will inspire and motivate young and old in the sport of slackline.

Slackline is the name of both the sport and the device where the practitioner balances on a flexible band. The balance band is strung up between two anchors and the practitioner can then walk, jump or balance on the band.


Friday 24 Feb - Sunday 26 Feb
Karta Norra Hamn
Hot Air Balloon2


Norra Hamn