To wake up to a view over the water, surrounded by woodland and birdsong. Fresh-caught fish prepared over an open fire. Sunlight burning through the morning mist. That's the magic of free camping, if you ask Per Lundström. In Luleå and Norrbotten there are excellent opportunities both for those who enjoy back-to-basics camping and for those who like to camp close to every imaginable service.

The Råne River winding its way to the sea; woodland roads and trails around Sörbyarna; Selets bruk and lovely spots around Hertsö träsk. Those who wish to go free camping around Luleå needn't travel far to find their own special hideaway.

"Normally, I zoom in on the map to find a roadside space to park. I prefer to camp near a lake, a river or a stream. Or surrounded by forest," say Per Lundström, who is a devout free-camper and nature photographer.

He spends all of his free time in nature and usually camps alone with his motorhome.

"It takes me right out into nature and I have all the comforts of home, even though I'm outdoors most of the time. I fish, light a fire and sit staring into the flames for as long as I wish. That's when  the camping peace descends. When the nights are long and bright, I never want to sleep."

Per waxes lyrically about the magical morning light and the fairytale atmosphere conjured up by rays of sunlight glowing through the dawn mist. He speaks of nature's spectacle, with shifting weather and animals passing by the window outside his motorhome –  reindeer, moose, birds, badgers and foxes. The dream scenario would be to see a bear from a safe distance.

Summer and autumn, the motorhome is always packed and ready to roll.

"When I hit the road with my rolling hotel room, the sense of freedom is incomparable. I have everything I need  and I can choose where I want to wake up the next day. There are always new places to explore and there is always a place you can have all to yourself. That's happiness!"