The northern location of the Luleå archipelago with bright summer nights means that you will not need to rush to moor for the night, you can instead enjoy paddling around the clock.

There is much to experience and discover amongst all the islands. The flora and fauna of the archipelago is unique. Here you will find roe deer, elk, sea eagles and reindeer left behind after grazing on the islands in winter. On the outer rim, seals are an increasingly common sight. Cloudberries, sea­buck­ thorn and arctic raspberries grow here and you can feel the fragrance of heather, clay and Bothnian field wormwood. Out on Hindersön, you can spot the rare eyebright Euphrasia bottnica, found nowhere else in the world.

The kayak guide

We've gathered our favorite kayak routes in our kayak guide and we hope you will like it! You can download it below or pick up a physical copy from Luleå Tourist Center in central Luleå. There you can also get help and information before heading out on your adventure. 

Download the kayak guide here. See our other guides here.

Important to know!

  • The archipelago is relatively shallow with an average of only 10 m. This means short, steep waves when the wind blows. It also means that shallows and rocks can be found in the middle of a large inlet.

  • The water level is heavily affected by winds and air pressure. Low and high water can differ as much as 2 metres.

  • Southern and south-western winds are the most common in summer and all crossings in the archipelago are more or less affected by these winds. The nights are light and usually calm, on a windy day you can go paddling at night instead.

Click here to download our kayaking guide or pick up a copy at the Tourist Centre.