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Close to nature or in the heart of the city

Accommodation options for visitors to Luleå have never been better. Much has happened in the last 10 years – several large, award-winning hotels have opened and they help make Luleå a better city.

Clarion Hotel Sense, Hotell Savoy, Quality Hotel and Scandic are some of the great accommodation facilities boasted by Luleå. These hotels are of such high standard that it’s fairly common for locals to spend a night there every now and then. That’s an accolade as good as any. In Luleå, nothing is ever far away and all hotels are within walking distance of the city centre, sports arenas, shopping, restaurants and bars. The locals live in a similar fashion to that of the city’s visitors. They want to live near the city, arguing that then everything is close by – and that is of course a good selling point. However, there are also those who wish to be further away from from all the hustle and bustle of the city – and they invite you to join them. Around Luleå, there are several places to stay, offering something beyond the glamour of the city’s hotels.

Within a half-hour radius there are large facilities offering activities and lodging close to the forest, such as Brändö Konferens – a perfect place if you are looking to experience the best of both nature and very comfortable accommodation.

There are also several companies organising overnight stays in the forest, in a tent hammock between two trees for instance. Whilst we are on the subject of trees, there is another way, with which you may already be acquainted, to enjoy a stay amongst the treetops. Treehotel, about an hour by car from Luleå, is known all over the world for their unique offering of luxurious hotel rooms built high up in the trees, in the forests outside Harads. For those of you who would like to go camping, there are also plenty of options. First Camp in Luleå is a top notch campsite with a pool, restaurant, children’s playgrounds, miniature golf, a bathing beach and a shop. There are also plenty of rest stops and a vast natural environment that is all yours to explore as long as you have the right equipment. You are welcome to stay here with us, whichever way you would like.

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