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Small and big adventures

What do you do in Luleå? A better question is probably, what would you like to do in Luleå? We’ll make sure that you are entertained.

If you are looking for natural experiences, you are in luck, because the sea and the forests are at your disposal. The question is how you would like to experience them? And when? Because, as you may know, Luleå is a city that changes with every season. Our location, close to the Gulf of Bothnia, where the sea freezes over during several months every year, means that our archipelago is one giant playground, all year round.

Our 1,312 islands await visitors and you can reach them throughout the year, regardless of whether you go by boat on the open sea or by snowmobile. If you would like to, you can also take a car out to sea, as we prepare roads on the metre-thick ice in winter.

In summer, our islands are awash in sunshine – Luleå is the sunniest city on the mainland and has a steady spot near the top of lists, charting Swedish sunshine rankings.

Truth be told, for a long time the people of Luleå did not want their archipelago marketed, they wanted to keep it to themselves. A bit selfish, you might think, but make a visit and you will see their point. However, if the open sea is not your cup of tea, it’s not a sin to stay on the mainland. Let one of our guides take you on an adventure and relax with all the amenities of city life when you return. Also, there is one thing you should know about Luleå. Nothing is ever far away here. We’re talking mere minutes from city to wilderness. The diversity in what we have to offer is what makes this place special and it gives our visitors excellent opportunities to mix adrenaline rushes and total relaxation. This is a buffet. You get to choose what goes on your plate.

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