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Råneå and Vitå river valleys

The Råneå and Vitå River valleys span the municipalities of Luleå, Gällivare, Jokkmokk and Boden. These rich, unregulated, natural treasures stretch from the foot of the mountain Dundret in the northwest to the estuaries in the Gulf of Bothnia in the southeast.

The vast, untouched forestlands of the river valleys are home to extraordinary experiences and great variety. The fauna is rich. The bathing beaches are many – there is the sea, there are rivers, lakes and pools. Wilderness adventures and great canoeing waters are amongst the

 attractions,  as are the fishing opportunities. In the Råneå and Vitå River valleys you will also find many destinations of cultural-historical interest to visit. The area also offers grocery stores, petrol stations and eateries (read more about service).

Villages in the river valleys

Pick and choose, or visit them all! Here we present 15 villages with excursion destinations you don't want to miss.