The flora and fauna of the river valley are unique. A total of 318 different vascular plants have been recorded, many of them very rare, along the river banks and in its waters. There is a vast number of species. Rarities include red baneberry, Siberian lettuce and the knotweed Persicaria foliosa. In addition to a strong fish population you will also find noble crayfish, freshwater pearl mussels, white-throated dippers as well as beavers and otters here. Several rare flowers thrive here, such as the calypso orchid, lady’s-slipper orchid and the lesser butterfly-orchid.

Crayfishing on the Råne river

The noble crayfish was introduced into the Råne River in the 1950’s and a strong population has been established from Råneå by the sea and further upstream. During three nights in August, a fishing licence purchased in the respective village will allow you to go crayfishing. About 50,000 crayfish are fished during these days, as locals come together to fish from the river banks and boats. The noble crayfish population in the Råne River has, thus far, been safe from the crayfish plague. It is therefore of utmost importance that the equipment used here has not been used in other waters before.