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Welcome on the ice track in Norra and Södra hamn

Now the entire ice track is open! Kicksleds, fireplaces and wind shelters will be in place when the entire ice track is ready.

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Winter is here

The white snow cover came early this year. The ground is white, but some winter activities require more snow to avoid damage on both equipment and the nature. Don't be disappointed, there are loads of activities to do!

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Read our winter guide

Surrounded by the frozen sea, dusted with pure, white snow, Luleå invites you to enjoy playful winter fun – both outdoors and indoors.

In our winter guide, we have compiled tips on things to see and do during your stay with us.

You are welcome to share our everyday life and discover that winter has many faces.

Midwinter, in December, January and February, often brings cold and an abundance of snow.

The spring winter in March and April offers sunny days.

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The sports city

In Luleå, the local sports teams are a major part of people’s lives. People talk about the latest results with colleagues at work, you meet with friends and family at matches and carefully follow everything that is written about your favourite team. Do what the locals do – go to sporting events and experience the atmosphere! Individual matches can be found in the event calendar.

Norrsken Isvagen Lulea

The Luleå Way

Watch the videos that show Luleå's different seasons with midnight lights in summer and northern lights in winter. Arctic adventures and how it feels to stand in the middle of a medieval world heritage site. That you can stay and eat at award-winning hotels and restaurants. Night or day, nature or city. Experience The Luleå Way.

Experience Luleå – The Luleå Way