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Sommar Kyrkan

A gastronomic meeting point

Dinner in Luleå

The northern lights

Kanelbullar på Hemmagastronomi

Celebrate the Cinnamon Roll Day

Nothing is as important as a Swedish fika!

Every autumn, on October 4th, we celebrate the Cinnamon Roll Day. Visit one of Luleå’s cafés and enjoy a nice Swedish fika!

Enjoy a nice walk around Gültzauudden and enjoy the autumn colors. Slip in at Hemmagastronomi and order a cinnamon roll and something warm to drink.

Photo: Hemmagastronomi

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The northern lights season is on!

Finally, the magical show is back.

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Let's go outside

There is much to discover and explore around Luleå. Here are some tips on outdoor activities. Welcome to enjoy the late summer and autumn.

Norrsken Perlundström

Autumn – The Luleå Way

Autumn in Luleå means Arctic experiences and endless possibilities.

Autumn – The Luleå Way