Hiking in Luleå

For those who like to hike, there is everything from easier routes, suitable for all ages, to more challenging ones, taking you further out into our beautiful surroundings.

Hiking in Luleå is almost like strolling through the history of this unique city. For instance, you can begin by hiking across the large shingle fields on Bälingeberget the first spot to rise from the sea, following land uplift after the recession of the inland ice sheet. At the time, Bälingeberget was just in islet in the middle of the sea and the waves shaped the rocks that now make hiking on the mountain a fascinating experience. Continue through the history of Luleå by visiting the place we now call Gammelstad Church Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and once the centre of Luleå, before the city was moved in the 17th century. 

Today, it is a popular tourist destination and there are also many rare birds in the area. Here, you can hike on what was once the seabed, now a beautiful forest with pleasant walking paths. When you have made your way to the modern city of Luleå, on the peninsula by the coast, you will find many other amazing areas to explore on foot. When people moved here in the 1600’s, they also began exploring the surroundings. This helped create several excellent hiking trails near the city centre, such as one of the locals’ favourites, the trail around Hertsöträsk.