If you would like to go for a walk or jog near the city, there are nice walking paths in and around central Luleå. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Gültzauudden | 4 km

The trail around “Udden” and across the city peninsula is 4 km. Nice trails just by the water’s edge, past the bathing beach, the harbour, the Governor’s Residence and green areas.

2. Skurholmsfjärden | 5 km

Going past the pleasant Lulsundskanalen channel, the mini golf course and the park on the eastern side of the water. 5 kilometers.

3. Björkskatafjärden | 7 km

Here you will pass Lulsundsbadet, Björkskatan, Porsön and Klintbacken, 7 kilometers.

4. Ormbergets friluftsområde | 1.7–10 km

Here you will find running trails, ranging from 1.7 to 10 kilometers. There are also trails for elite runners with steep slopes, ranging between 1.7–4 kilometers. Wind shelters, campfire sites and a lunch restaurant can be found in the area. Trail maps available online: lulea.se.

5. Mjölkuddsberget | 2,5 km

Two different routes around the mountain as well as a trail leading to the summit. The running trail is 2.5 kilometers. Several wind shelters are available.

6. Höträsket | 3 km

The Kallaxheden nature reserve has both walking and running trails across a beautiful pine heath around Lake Höträsket. The distance around the lake is 3 kilometers.


The areas are marked on a map in our guide ”Hiking in Luleå”.