North of Gunnarsbyn lies Överstbyn, Valvträsk and Mårdsel. The landscape changes as you follow the Råne River upstream. Once you pass Valvträsk, its character changes, from farmlands and farms to more forestland. You are nearing the Arctic Circle.


A lively little village in a fantastic environment. Here you will find farms and exciting activities. The village hosts a cosy summer café inside the old country store, Nestors Café & Diversehandel. Here you can enjoy homemade Swedish fika (pastries), visit the flea market shop and meet the farm animals. The village is also home to a company offering exciting activities in the area and throughout the entire region.


Once you have passed Överstbyn and crossed the amazing Korpforsen rapids you will be approaching Valvträsk, a rural gem with many active local associations. The village, which is surrounded by mountains, is located by one of the calm stretches of the Råne River, Valvträsket. One of the mountains, Gumberget, offers a beautiful view and a hiking trail up to the summit. Here you will also find a nice bathing beach with jetties. Pause at the Korpforsen rest stop and walk a while downstream. Here, you can see the water running through a canyon. Where the rapids end you will find exclusive accommodation, with the river as the nearest neighbour.


A little village with a long history, on the border of municipalities Boden and Gällivare, described as the oldest locality in Gällivare Municipality. An area with an amazingly scenic natural environment, close to the river. Here you will find several good, accessible fishing spots. On the road to Mårdsel, near Klingersel, lie a number of beautiful rest stops along the river.

Not to be missed:

Nestors café & diversehandel

Summer café and flea market.


Climb the mountain via a hiking trail. At the top you will find an amazing view, as well as a campfire site and a wind shelter.

GPS: 66°10'07.5"N 21°40'18.2"E


Here you can pause at one or more of the nine scenic, accessible rest stops found along the road between Klingersel and Mårdsel. korpforsen Rest stop nearby. Fire pits, outhouse and waste disposal.

GPS: 66°07'08.9"N 21°45'07.9"E


Located by Spikälven, accessible in summer via Skaitevägen above Norriån. This cottage is open to the public and has room for a group of four.

GPS: 66°22'40.9"N 21°42'13.3"E

Näset i Överstbyn

A good aunch site for canoes and kayaks.

GPS: 66°06'43.7"N 21°47'26.4"E

Spiken Furudal

If you are a larger group, you may be interested in booking the wilderness farmstead, Spiken by Malmens väg (the Ore Trail). The farmstead was built in 1768 and served as an ore loading station. Here you will also find a wood-fired sauna.

GPS: 66°19'03.8"N 21°45'15.9"E


For your summer swimming needs. Jetties and changing rooms in a scenic location.

GPS: 66°08'58.7"N 21°41'09.8"E


At Koskivaara. Log houses, sauna.

GPS: 66°39'30.7"N 20°59'38.8"E


Fishing, fire pit.

GPS: 66°31'09.9"N 21°07'06.7"E


Cabin, salmon fishing.

GPS: 66°26'46.0"N 21°10'57.1"E


Cabin, salmon fishing.

GPS: 66°26'46.0"N 21°10'57.1"E


Scenic waterfall, salmon fishing.

GPS: 66°22'28.9"N 21°18'08.2"E


In the guide Gems of the i Råne and Vitå river valleys you will find more tips on things to experience.

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