In Råneå, both sea and forestland are close by. Kängsö harbour and Råneå’s church cottages are picturesque environments. The Råne River is considered one of Sweden’s best fishing waters for pike, trout, grayling, perch and noble crayfish.


Scenic fishing and small boat harbour with characteristic boat sheds, a guest harbour, a jetty and life vests to borrow. On a nearby cape with a view of the entire harbour you will find a club house which hosts a summer café and flea markets and on the other side of the cape you can park your caravan for a few nights or go for a swim in the sea. By the harbour you will find an outdoor equipment shop, offering a rental service for those who would like to see the archipelago by canoe, Canadian canoe, or aboard a sauna raft.


Råneå is a beautiful community, located a few kilometers upstream from the mouth of the Råne River in the Gulf of Bothnia. In the village, the river branches into two, and two beautiful rapids are found in a central, accessible location, for visitors to behold. Here, you will find shops and services, as well as churches attracting people from all over the world. The Råneå area offers wilderness living just a stone’s throw from the city – just a short distance from the entire Luleå region lies a unique, wild, rocky archipelago, running waters for different types of paddling, and beautiful mountains to climb in both summer and winter.


The small locality of Böle is located 4 kilometers from Råneå. Most of its houses are situated on the northern side of the Råne River. Farming has played and continues to play an important part in the village, which has also been home to a prominent tiled stove factory. Close to the village lies Andträsket, a great bathing lake where there is also game fish, a sauna, an outhouse and a grilling site. In the village of Böle you will find a berth with a cabin, an outhouse and a grilling site.

Not to be missed:

The Råneå church cottages

Located opposite the church, near the Citizens’ Office, and part of the local cultural heritage. There were once 250 cottages here, as well as stables and outhouses, dating back to the establishment of the parish of Råneå in 1654, when people living in the surrounding villages were obligated to visit the church. The farmersbuilt church cottages to enable them to stay overnight when visiting church services, local meetings and market days. They became an important way for people to meet and the tradition lived on for generations, until the 1930’s-40’s. After 1950, when cars became more common and chapels were built even in the smaller villages, the church cottages were no longer needed. Most were removed but 10 cottages still remain. These are owned by the Råneå parish, associations and private individuals and used, amongst other occasions, during the Råneå summer market and outdoor church services.


A beautiful place in a typical Swedish Lapland environment, along route E4 just north of Råneå. Courses, summer camps, weddings, family gatherings, birthday parties, christenings and other events are held here. The buildings, consisting of old church cottages, Norrbotten farmhouses and bakehouses were all built in the area. Strömsundshemmet is found in an idyllic location by a small lake, close to the coast. You can rent cottages for overnight accommodation, there is a campsite, a bathing beach, a chapel, a sauna and an eatery.


In the guide Gems of the i Råne and Vitå river valleys you will find more tips on things to experience.

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